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Regional Cable Company Looped Unfiltered Route-Optimized Connectivity

UnmeteredCable purchases fixed speed tunnel(s) between your location and our regional network partner for routing your data to the Internet ; service standards & specifications more proficient than what your cable company normally sells to consumers
Not Your Average ISP
High Quality Home, Business and Enterprise Internet Connectivity

New Installation $80  |  Transfer from Other Cable Provider $40

Penguin 5

Per Month

  • Intended for 1-2 User Locations
  • Surf the web, find what you need and stay connected, all at faster speeds than you thought possible
  • Light Usage or Emergency Backup Link
  • Product Information

Penguin 15

Per Month

  • Intended for 1-4 User Locations
  • Surf the web, check emails and even stream HD video; find what you need and stay connected with ease
  • Light Household or Office Use
  • Product Information

Turtle 20

Per Month

  • Intended for 1-5 User Locations
  • Stay connected, share, stream shows and watch movies, all with no waiting and our highly optimized network
  • General Use and Light Streaming
  • Product Information

Husky 30

Per Month

  • Intended for 4-10 User Locations
  • Do and see everything you want at speeds plentiful enough for a whole family; even setup cameras!
  • Our Most Popular Cable Package
  • Product Information

Husky 60

Per Month

  • Intended for 10-20 User Locations
  • Future-proof your Internet connectivity with tomorrow's speeds today
  • Heavy Streaming and Uploading
  • Product Information

Leopard 150

Per Month

  • For Busy Multi-User Locations
  • It doesn't get any better than this per link on cable ; if you need more : you will need to consider a bonder
  • Suited for Institutional Use
  • Product Information
UNMETERED.IO orders services slightly over provisioned compensating for any tunnel and/or protocol overhead allowing you to order only exactly what you want & need. With a handful convenient service packages to choose from : we don't want you to order more than you need

Comparison with Local Providers

With dozens of Internet Service Providers in the marketplace : not all are the same!

Most Popular UNMETERED

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Mainstream / Retail

Mainstream / Economy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our UnmeteredCable Internet Connectivity Solution

Can I use my own modem? What modem can I use with UnmeteredCable Internet Service?

DOCSIS 2.0 (up to 20Mbps)DOCSIS 3.0 (up to 60Mbps)DOCSIS 3.1 (up to 150Mbps)
Cisco DPQ 2160
Coship CCM2000A
Motorola SurfBoard 5100
Motorola SurfBoard 5101
Motorola SurfBoard 5102
Hitron CDA-RES
Hitron CGN Series
Thomson DCM475 (Canada-West)
Thomson DCM476 (Canada-East)
Thomson / TechniColor 4300
Hitron CDA3 Series
Turtle 5
Penguin 15
Turtle 20
Husky 30
Lion 60
Falcon 120
Leopard 150
UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse encourages members buy their own modems from cost-effective sources like CraigsList and eBay : the above specified makes and models have been confirmed to provide a long service life. Compatible modem (with respective ordered service) is available for 100 (including shipping and handling) or rental.

How long does setup take? I already have cable internet : does an installer still have to visit?

If you currently have an active cable Internet service (hence a confirmed activated outlet) then an installer will not be dispatched for your installation. If you ordered a modem, the modem will be shipped via Purolator, FedEx or as a last resort Canada Post with tracking (you will receive an email notification from the courier company).

Activation Time : "New Installations" take a minimum five (5) business days; while "Active Transfers" may be completed in as little as three (3) business days. The installation process for cable involves completing the order form at UNMETERED.IO and awaiting confirmation of your activation date : someone will be dispatched to activate the cable outlet on your wall for the modem on new installations while you're simply expected to replace the old modem yourself on transfers.

New Installation - Installer Visit Required ; Active Transfer - No Installer Visit

How much bandwidth / transfer can I use with UnmeteredCable Internet Service? What happens if I go over?

It is impossible to exceed your bandwidth / transfer allowance : there is no port usage monitoring or data transfer limit ; no 'fair use policy' on our Internet connectivity (UnmeteredCable, UnmeteredDSL, etc)

If you have any performance related issues with your service :
1) please click "Cable Manager" in your ClientArea service account
2) click "Technical Support" from the "Email" menu
3) answer the questions regarding your network setup and submit
4) if issues are not resolved within 48 hours, please contact support

UNMETERED's primary responsibility is to maintain capabilities of our members : this includes allowing bandwidth intensive applications such as off-site CCTV recording. Connection sharing and server hosting is allowable on both residential and commercial service packages. It is the responsibility of UNMETERED and it's network partners to ensure network capacity (aka "bandwidth") is available for any subscriber to utilize the full package speed at any time of the day, including evenings.

Is UnmeteredCable by UNMETERED.IO Available at my Address? How do I order? Can I order by phone?

We strongly urge orders be placed through one of our online portals within the informational websites (like our availability tool at http://unmetered.report) provided by UNMETERED.IO so members familiarize themselves with our billing and services management portal (along with creating the relevant username/password themselves).

Ordering is easy, just four easy steps to book an install :
       1) Check if service is available at your address via our availability tool or contact support for an UNMETERED.Report URL ;
       2) Consider the available service types available and click on the "Order Form" link for your desired service package ;
       3) Fill in order form and submit for provisioning (this step will create a service account in a "Pending" status : once processed that'll go "Active") ;
       4) Come back in a day or two and ask our support for your confirmed installer visit date (if required).
Telephone ordering is strongly discouraged but may be completed as needed provided members are aware of and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. Telephone ordering is discouraged because we want all members to be aware that all billing and invoicing is done via email and the UNMETERED.IO ClientArea portal.

Many providers prices keep inching up every few months : will UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse do the same?

All service packages from UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse come with a rate guarantee at signup that your price will not change for at least three (3) years from date of account registration. Tasked with the basic purpose of serving our economy to uncompromising standards across regions : simple operating principles make our administrative and management processes effortless ; serving you to our conscientious standards so you can focus on more important things!

What if I won't be home at time of installer visit? Or during the delivery of the modem? What happens during the Visit?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you can't be home during the visit from the circuit installer. The installer is responsible for activating an existing coaxial cable in your home or business : they do not bring a modem or any hardware. In rare situtations where no pre-existing inside wiring exists, new inside wiring installation is $100.

What to do if the appointment was missed :
       Equipment Delivery ) Most equipment is shipped by a major regional courier (usually Purolator but sometimes FedEx as needed) : delivery to PO boxes is generally not possible. If nobody is not available at time of delivery by the respective courier company the package will be brought to your local shipping depot, please contact the courier company immediately before the equipment is returned to our offices ; the tracking information should have been emailed to you by the provisioning agent. If you can't wait around to accept a package you may leave a "Hold for Pickup" note in the comments section of the order form someone from our provisioning team will contact you at time of label creation and offer the closest available Purolator pickup location where you may pick up your package(s) with government issued identification (you may also list the pickup location address from the list in the comments).
       Line Activation ) Contact (by phone, chat or email) our support with the name or email on your account and we'll message the local loop carrier provisioning team for the next available appointment : the new install date is confirmed in the ClientArea service package created during the order process. Please note ideal days for rebooking. Installer visits are not required for "Active Transfers" or anywhere the coaxial cable is still active from previous tenant(s).

When does my billing start? How do I pay my invoices? Is there a contract / minimum service term?

Mininum Service Term : One (1) Month ; Once order is placed : a service package is created inside your clientarea and any relevant invoices are generated. The billing date is adjusted at time of filing a provisioning request with the local loop provider : if any further adjustments are needed and/or missed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The device and first month, activation and equipment charges are invoiced immediately. Payment is not required at time of activation but requested within the first month of service. The billing recurring date is adjusted to reflect credit for activation and/or setup required time between order date and a working service at your location. Invoices are at /clientarea/invoices and you may add a credit card for pre-authorized billing at /clientarea/ccard.

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