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What happens if your desktop starts running slow, or your laptop gets hit by a virus or malware? An UNMETERED.Tech support plan provides a Canadian technologist a call or screen share away.
Helping Save Time and Money by Solving Computer Problems Online

Monthly, Annual and One Time Resolution Available  |  Great for Home and Office

One Time Fix

$60 Per Resolution

Two (2) Tiers to Choose From
  • Browser Configuration & Safety
  • Email Setup
  • Social Media Setup
  • Software Installation
  • New Computer Setup
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UNMETERED.Tech Personal

$75 Per Month

Upto Three (3) Devices
  • Additional Devices$10
  • Technical Assistance for Busy Households
  • Hours : Mon - Fri, 7AM - 6PM CST
  • Telephone & TeamViewer Support
  • PCs, Mobile Devices & Tablets
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UNMETERED.Tech Business

$150 Per Month

Upto Five (5) Devices
  • Additional Devices$25
  • Technical Assistance for Workplaces
  • Hours : Mon - Fri, 7AM - 6PM CST
  • Telephone & TeamViewer Support
  • Most Household & Office Technology
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We partner with regulations and standards compliant companies for efficiency & scalability
All techs are experienced, friendly, professional and based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our objective is to provide you with quick & efficient solutions to your technology problems whatever they may be.
300+ Active Members
5+ Years Managed Solutions
18 Countries Scope of Membership
1,500+ Tickets Resolved

Questions and Answers

Was there anything you wanted to know?  

  1. How do you calculate support time?

    Our ticketing system has a built-in time metering system for tracking how long our engineers work on tickets. When our engineers begin working on your ticket, they press "start" - and the timer begins. You are only timed for time spent working.

  2. What are the limitations to support

    We are system administrators, not developers - and it's unrealistic for us to provide support for all applications under the sun. Limitations to support or "out of scope support" is defined as support for software or application that we do not have experience with, or problems within your own code.

  3. Will you always be able to fix it?

    Please understand that we don't do everything for you, as we're a host, not a developer. However, our support engineers will give you guidance and advice on how to patch your site from further breaches.

  4. What is your scope of support?

    We try to be as transparent as possible about what is included in our support. To learn exactly what is included in our support, and how much it will cost you to get it, please visit our scope of support page.

  5. Can I upgrade OneTimeFix to a Monthly plan?

    If you have more complex requirements that demand additional system administration time, you can upgrade to a higher management level. You can easily request a change to your Support Level directly from your client area portal.

  6. If my website gets hacked, will you help?

    When the worst happens, we're here for you. If your site is defaced, erased, used for spam, or otherwise infected by malware, we will help you recover and re-secure your data if you had one of our R1Soft secured services as a OneTimeFix or Technology Support plan.

How UNMETERED.Tech Works

We understand our members' by asking the right questions so we can deliver results

raise a support ticket 1. Ask for Help

To get help, order a support package. Ticketing systems are more efficient than phone and live chat for us

we ask questions 2. We Ask Back

We aren't embarrassed to ask questions. It's important so we can find out exactly what you need.

fix hosting problems 3. We Fix

After we are completely sure of what you need, and how we plan to do it, we start working on your issue.

issue solved 4. Issue Solved

Issues are only marked as "solved" (recording time worked) when you confirm things are as they should be.