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Regional Broadcast Television

IP-MultiCasted Streaming Video with Government-Regulated Channels

One Login : Many Devices

Up to five (5) simultaneous streaming devices (3rd party devices allowed) per account. One (1) CipherTV Bar, App License or Paid Channel Package Req.
  •   Android 4.4
  •   Android 5
  •   Samsung Galaxy
  •   Google Nexus
  •   Android TV Boxes and Game Consoles
  •   iOS
SD stream uses 1-3Mbps throughput, HD stream uses 3-6Mbps
High-Quality Internet Television with Hundreds of SD & HD Channels

Monthly Plans from C$0 to C$100  |  CipherTV Bar 3.5 C$200  |  CipherTV App License C$50


Per Month

~47 SD & HD Channels


Per Month

94 SD & HD Channels


Per Month

133 SD & HD Channels

UNMETERED.IO is responsible for all management and support of subscribed services. Please select the channel package you feel is most appropriate for your viewing habits. We provide only high performance (IP MultiCasted) licensed content from nationally regulated carriers


Get Started in Just a Few Easy Steps : Internet TV Made Simple!

Check for your favourite TV channels on our listings : ensure what you like is available.

we ask questions 2. Decide on Set Top Box

A single CipherTV bar or App License is required per Five (5) streaming IPTV Set Top Boxes.

During the process you'll have created an account, please login and to the service settings.

issue solved 4. Start Watching Your TV

After opening the app on Android or Apple a Set Top Box : login with your email address to get started!

Comparison with Other Providers

With dozens of Streaming TV Providers in the marketplace : not all are the same!

Internet Television

Local Cable Co.
Mainstream / Retail

Mainstream / Economy
BrandUnmeteredCableShaw CommunicationsTekSavvy

FREE CipherTV Light*

Enjoy a selection of free tv and pay-as-you-go premium TV channels.
* For Connectivity Members - channels subject to region restrictions.

200+ TV Channels

Over 200 premium TV channels : Use as a media player or watch free TV online from Google™ PlayStore apps.

Conferencing & more!

CipherDS turns any HDMI display into a powerful presentation player, video conferencing terminal or networked advertising delivery platform.
UNMETERED.IO manages services for members while partners autonomously maintain operations
Support aides with inquiries and setup instructions while device settings are available in ClientArea
For assistance more complex than account setup, please inquire about UNMETERED.Tech
1,000+ Membership
5+ Years Managed Solutions
18 Countries Scope of Membership
2,000+ Tickets Resolved
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