Why UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse

Operators and Principals

Multiple carefully tailored portfolios of conscientious products and services to automate many aspects of 'advanced life' so you can focus on important stuff
Life how it should be


Sustainable Practices and Policies Unified by Simple Principles

We're constantly making bold investments to provide members with capable means to connect to the content they love, when they want it. When we say "More Power To You," it is a promise that we will do all we can to keep you connected with the most 'capable' (routed subnets and more available at whim and cheaply) today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Super-Fast No Surprises Unfiltered Internet

Speeds start at 6 Mbps and are up to 1 & 10 Gb for select product types and locations. Plus, our world-class software-based management, regional technical teams and robust customer support ensures outstanding service. Find the best plan for your needs

Constructive Capabilities Unlimits Possibilities

Surfing, gaming, emailing, streaming video and downloading - the online experience gets a whole lot better without hinderances. Choose from several speeds and a bundle of capabilities not offered by mainstream cable and/or phone company offerings.

Consistent Performance by Design

Scalable regional partners provision uplink and last-mile cross-connect capacity to serve peak volume without hinderance, period * * If there is congestion, please notify our network team through any of the support methods for further investigation and remediation. Free congestion-related connection-type transfers!

No Transfer Limit

UNMETERED GBs per Month means... Watch Videos, Play Online, Download Music and Upload Documents as much as you like. Even Off-Site Record CCTV! For us, this will never change : principles & value by name.

Multiple Currency / Language Support

Automatic translation to over ninety (90) languages from the footer language selector ; plus thirteen (13) natively accepted currencies.

UNMETERED : More than Unlimited

Fair policies, limit-less transfer allowances on hinder-free service : want to host a server or share with a neighbour? Go Right Ahead!

No Cancellation Penalty*

Want to be with your service provider, rather than be obligated to stay with anybody. UNMETERED.IO's commitment to freedom!
* Only UnmeteredFiber Enterprise Services Have Term Agreements / Contracts.
All services eligible for credit regardless service level agreement (SLA).

Hassle-Free Honourable Billing

No nickel-and-diming on little things means no charges on the essentials like carrier-dispatched technician for repair and more... We're focused on serving you as a member of our family, not just another line item on a 'balance sheet' : How It Should Be!
Clear and simple billing policies applied by considerate administrators.
What more could you need? Please don't hesitate to ask.

Customize Your Package from ClientArea

You can have it all (but you don't have to). Choose whatever you need: Internet, phone or TV. We make it easy, and our 150 Mbps makes it fast. You can get everything on one bill from one provider or choose whatever you want, no long term contracts, no commitments, no catch - just the best capability products and services available.

Systematically Managed Internet, Phone & TV

You can get blazing fast and reliable internet service, CRTC-regulated IPTV programming and home phone with E-911. We choose with only the highest quality and forward-thinking partners : not just the cheapest and/or oversubscribed product available. Watch from any connected device or build a package that best suits you. You really can have it all.

Experience our wide range of Internet, TV and Telephone solutions : you can have it all ; with world-class technical teams and support systems ensuring outstanding service.

1,000+ Membership
5+ Years Managed Solutions
18 Countries Scope of Membership
2,000+ Tickets Resolved
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